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A very good 2019 UPick season at the The Haven Farm is now over. Before this season started, our expectations for a "good" season seemed a little optimistic.  We were still recovering from snow-storm damage.  We also were expecting low yield from Spartan and Duke varieties (for various reasons) and had not yet confirmed yield and quality of the Bluecrop acreage.

As it turned out, Bluecrop picking was the best that we had seen in several years, with lots of high-quality berries, ripening about as fast as they were picked.  Pickers with large numbers of buckets to fill generally were pretty happy, as well as were the "drop-in" pickers on their way to camping or picnics.  Fortunately, we were able to maintain this good picking throughout the season.  Thanks, again, to all our friends for a productive, mellow season