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We are starting to get quite a number of questions about the upcoming UPick season. People driving by the farm on Tyee Road can see that we have stripped plants from sections of the Duke field, keeping rows that make up a little more than 1 out of the 4 previous acres. The Spartan and Bluecrop fields are still the same as last season. For most of the past several seasons we have had to make the decision to keep the blueberry fields as they have been for years, or make some changes that we have been considering.   We decided that this is a good time to start the process in a way that should be least disruptive and still provide the same good picking for Spartans and Bluecrop during the season, but fewer Dukes after the first few days.  (At least that is the plan.)

Status Report: All varieties still have green berries  and are still probably at least 3-4 weeks from harvest.  (Depending on the weather) We will probably delay the season start untill we get good numbers of fully ripe Bluecrop as well as the earlier ripening Spartans and Dukes. Size looks like it should be good on all varieties since we are already seeing good numbers of big berries.  Predicted yield should be high on Bluecrop and about average on Spartans and the remaining Dukes.  More to follow as we get closer.


We will start the 2018 UPick blueberry season Friday, June 29.

Picking hours are 8:00 am to 2:00 pm, Monday through Saturday.  The farm is closed on Sunday.  We provide buckets for you to pick into. (You may use your own picking containers if you wish, but they must be weighed and marked at the check-in station before picking.) Each of our buckets will typically hold 10-12 pounds of berries.  You will need to bring containers to take the berries home after they are weighed at the checK-out station.

The price is $1.30 per pound.  We accept cash or personal checks.  No credit or debit cards or other forms of digital transfer.

We will be picking all varieties (Dukes, Spartans and Bluecrop).  Due to the on-going renovation in the Duke field, there will be less of this variety available for picking than in previous seasons. Most Dukes and Spartans are fully ripe with some "greens". (Plant damage and fruit loss caused by birds, so far, is about the worst we have seen--- and they also like big berries) Both varieties still have lots of big berries! Ripe berries in both varieties have very nice flavor and are quite sweet.

Although most Bluecrop berries are not yet ripe, there are enough ripe berries in the clusters to start picking, with some very large berries in the clusters. (This could be a very high-yield year for Bluecrop,)  Spartans and Dukes will be easy picking with most berries fully ripe. ( As usual, there will be some 'giant' berries.)


We had a great start for the 2018 season yesterday.  The weather was just right for most of the day, with lots of pickers turning out to enjoy the early morning sunshine and pick buckets of ripe berries.  Since we are in the process of renovating the Duke field, there were fewer rows of this variety than in previous seasons.  There were still plenty of fully ripe berries on these rows for pickers who came to pick Dukes.  A lot of picking was concentrated on Spartans, where there the berries are very sweet with buckets of some of the largest berries we had seen at the checkout station.  Yesterday's picking on the Bluecrop fields produced lots of buckets of very nice early-ripened berries.  This seems to be a season where Bluecrop is ripening early, with a big yield of high quality berries.  Picking on this variety should only get better as the season progresses.


We will be open for picking during the usual hours on July 4. Picking was pretty good on Saturday, with most pickers selectively picking ripe berries from the Bluecrop clusters.  Those pickers concentrating on Spartans were still finding buckets of nice berries.

7-6-18 Pickers have concentrated on Bluecrop for the past several days and have taken lots of buckets of newly-ripened berries.  The weather has mostly been cooperative, with cool mornings for good picking and warm afternoons to ripen the berries.  Pickers seem to be taking ripe berries at about the same rate as new berries ripen.  This makes for pretty good picking that should continue through the rest of the season.  (The sugar content of ripening berries should increase as the days warm a bit.)  There are still a few pickers each day who spend the necessary time to collect some very nice Spartans!

The last couple of days we are seeing nice, clean buckets of Bluecrop at the check station, with mostly ripe berries and fewer greens and "redbacks".  This is a good indicator that the berries are still ripening at least the rate of picking.  Average picking time per bucket is also decreasing.  ("Should" be good picking through the rest of the season.)


A week or so ago, we mentioned that it would be nice if we had some warm days to ripen more Bluecrop and increase the sugar content in the berries.  Sometimes we get what we wish for!  The last few days have been pretty warm in the afternoons, in the field.  Fortunately, the shaded areas by the river are quite a bit cooler-- with some good spots to sit and cool down.  Now for the good news: Sunday, we did maintenance on the fields, and were able to survey all the rows we are now picking.  We found a lot of ripe, sweet berries in most of the rows! There are some sections where the berries are in newly ripened clusters in the bush interior or hanging under canes and harder to see.  We also "taste-tested" a lot of berries and found that some of the smaller to medium-size berries are (unexpectedly) very sweet.

7/19/18 Saturday, 7/21/18 will be the last day this season for pickers to take a few buckets of nice, ripe Bluecrop berries.  This has been a pretty good season, with berries ripening and getting picked.  Thanks to all our "old" and new friends who can now enjoy the berries they picked at our farm.