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We need to apologize for our problems in communication for the past few weeks. Unfortunately, our website has been the primary means for communicating field and crop status, predictions, schedules and other stuff.  For unknown reasons, our fairly innocent website was a target for hackers.  Fortunately, GoDaddy technical staff was able to bring us back on line in time for the start of the 2021 Upick season.

At this time, crop yield and quality in the 2 Bluecrop fields looks to be quite good, with lots of clusters of fairly large berries.  Taste testing shows pretty sweet fruit for this time in the season-with a few more days of hot weather to bring up the sugar. Spartans are better than last year, but bird predation has been bad. We will start picking July 1.



Hopefully, this season will be a return to a customary degree of normalcy, where everyone is responsible for their own behavior, and can enjoy the day. (and pick a lot of very nice blueberries) We will start the 2021 season Thu, July 1.  Picking hours are 8:00 am to 2:00 pm, Monday thru Saturday. (Closed Sundays) Since this year Independence Day falls on Sunday, we will be closed on July 4 for the first time. We are keeping the price the same as for the past few years at $1.50/lb.  As usual, we will supply buckets to pick in, but pickers will need to bring "take home" containers.  Payment can be made with cash, personal check, or credit/debit card.


Although, a couple of weeks ago, we were saying something about needing a few days of warm weather to bring up the sugar in the fruit, I think we may have received more than we asked for.  We have needed to cool the fruit with a daily, brief "misting" from our overhead sprinklers.  One good result of the week of high temps, is the high percentage of fully ripe Bluecrop berries in the clusters.  Also, most Spartans are fully ripe and very tasty.


We had about the nicest opening to a UPick season this year I could imagine! Weather was absolutely perfect, with moderate temps and overcast skies the entire day. Lots of pickers, lots of berries, and most importantly, lots of happy people!


Mostly fully ripe berries in the Bluecrop clusters, with few not-quite-ripe "redbacks" (to make for easy picking). (The first picker in the field emerged in a little over one half hour with 2 nice buckets of Bluecrops.)  Quality of both Spartans and Bluecrop is excellent, with unusually-sweet berries.  A lot of the Spartans were picked in the first 3 days, but there are still good quantities of very sweet berries.  With the favorable mix of both ripe and green berries, Bluecrop fields should good picking for some time as berries ripen.




Bluecrop second ripening is one of the best we have seen, with a large number of fully ripe berries with excellent flavor and good size.  In addition, there are still a lot of clusters of "first-ripened" berries yet to be picked. (Frequent "misting" has generally kept berries cool and preserved fruit quality.) Picking is a little slower than the first couple of days, and afternoons have been hot,  but pickers getting on the field early in the mornings have been taking lots of buckets of very nice berries.



During the past week of "hot" afternoons, we were able to allow a field of Bluecrop to rest and let the green berries fully ripen.  The last couple of days with both fields open, we have have seen more pickers on this rested field,  taking buckets of very nice berries, with reports of "still loads of berries".


Pickers are still bringing in buckets of high quality berries from both Bluecrop fields.  Berries are good size and flavorful.  Lots of clusters of fully ripe berries-- so picking can be easy. Afternoons in the field are still pretty warm, but cool in the mornings (and in the shade by the river).



Saturday, July 24, will be the final day of the 2021 UPick season.  This season everything seemed to have aligned to produce one of our most enjoyable on record.  The bushes were loaded with exceptionally sweet, high-quality fruit with pretty easy picking.  While we experienced some hot afternoons, mornings have generally been quite pleasant.  And, possibly most importantly, pickers had a good time and no masks were seen.


While it is rare that we are closing the fields with a lot of very nice berries left on the bushes, most of our pickers have already filled their freezers and the remaining fruit will not be wasted.